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While we've treated thousands of patients over the years, here is what 7 have said about Palmercare.

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I have chronic sinus problems and on top of that, I am a PK teacher surrounded by little people and their germs, but since I've benn going to Palmercare my sinus problems are nonexistent. The specialized care at Palmercare is truly remarkable

I've been in treatment for 2 weeks now and I'm 50% better. My kids were adjusted for the 1st time yesterday and they're still talking about the experience.

Dr.Aldwin and his staff, Erica and Anna, are the best.

I feel pretty great, and my back pain has subsided. Dr. Aldwin (and Anna & Ericka) are pretty dope people, as well. It’s always a pleasure.

I have been getting adjusted for over a year now and can’t go without it! I have a curvature in my spine, digestion issues and an autoimmune disease. The adjustments have significantly decreased my overall pain, improved my energy and total health! I look forward to my visits; they are like a reset and recharge! Thank you, Dr. Aldwin!

I feel fantastic since I came to Palmercare. Ericka and Anna make one feel home and energized. Dr. Aldwin’s smile makes you melt Thank you for being there for us.

Palmercare has made a world of difference in my life. I’m in much better shape than when I started. Everyone at Palmercare is wonderful.

This place has taught me to love avocados. Dr. Aldwin & his staff are the best. It’s definitely an unusual experience to look forward to doctor’s appointments.

My back has greatly improved since seeing the doctors at Palmercare Chiropractic. The pain issue has almost gone, and I’m more mobile and pain free than I’ve been in a number of years.

Palmercare has truly blessed me. I came in barely able to walk, suffering with severe back spasms. After a thorough exam and x-ray, Dr. Martin has me moving along with ease. I’ve adhered to his recommendations, attended his seminars and obeyed his instructions. I appreciate the professionalism I’ve received both from the lovely staff and Dr. Martin. I’ve recommended and brought many clients to receive the care they needed.

Since I’ve been coming to Palmercare, I’ve noticed more flexibility in my back and overall body. The staff and doctor are very comforting and friendly and caring for their patient’s well being.

My neck pain has drastically decreased since coming to Palmercare. I used to get migraines regularly, but have had no issues since coming here. Everyone at Palmercare is also so nice and caring it is a joy coming in.

Ever since I have entered chiropractic care, my chronic headaches have stopped completely. I have experienced far less pain in my neck and lower back. With the new vitamin regimen Dr. Aldwin prescribed I have not been sick at all – for months now. It’s a complete turnaround. My stress is lower, skin is cleaner, my digestion has improved immeasurably.

I found Palmercare when I had just moved to DC and didn’t know who I could trust with my wellness care. The friendly staff & Dr. Aldwin patiently worked with me to make sure I was comfortable the entire time. I feel back to normal from a very bad injury thanks to the whole team.

Since coming to the practice my health has improved significantly. The health workshops/lectures have led me to take my health seriously & to know I must control the destiny of my future.

The process has been slow and relief of my headaches has been hard to attain and sustain. But the entire staff has been extremely patient, thoughtful, and encouraging, and I feel like my wellness and positive attitude have increased greatly.

The insight that the team has provided has helped me on SEVERAL levels. I ‘ve improved the ways I sleep (which makes me feel 100% better in the mornings) & the attention they’ve given me on my posture has helped me focus on how I sit, stand, etc. Dr. Martin, Ericka, & Anna are AMAZING – and their experience & knowledge make you feel right at home.

I’ve had issues with my back since high school. When I came in I was issues with my neck. Now that I’ve been coming I can tell the difference when I miss a week; I can really feel it! So much better when I get an adjustment!

Without a doubt, this is one of the friendliest offices I’ve been to – Anna and Ericka especially make it a joy to come here! I can really tell that the staff here cares completely about all aspects of health.

Since I began treatment at Palmercare I have had less aches and pain in the back which has also contributed to me sleeping better. I would highly recommend to anyone to attend Palmercare for treatment.

This has helped me relieve neck pain and migraines – which are now occurring with infrequency and severity.

I had been experiencing lower back discomfort and numbness and tingling. I have been coming to Dr. Martin since November 2015 and I feel like it’s been night and day. My consistency in coming to my appointments has been instrumental and I feel like a new person. I adhere to all the recommendations that Palmercare recommends. My back and discomfort is so much improved it’s almost hard to put into words. I thought I would never feel this great again. Patient for life!!!

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